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How to last longer in bed in 7 tips (for men)

Disclaimer: Before trying any of these tips, make sure to communicate with your partner first. Consent is the best, especially in bed.


How to last longer in bed in 7 tips (for men)



  • Lay off the meat. A study by Yale found that meat–eating athletes have less stamina than their vegetarian colleague and endurance in sex is essential
  • Sex is the number one activity that brings the most stimulation than any other
  • According to sex coach Catherine Toyooka1, men would benefit by changing their habits in bed. Don’t just lay there; stop, tease and continue.
  • Finding a regular sexual partner is a great way to improve your performance in the bedroom


Sex and penis size are the two things that make men the most insecure. Although men can’t change much about their genitalia size, they can control the duration of sex and the bedroom is probably the number one spot where gentlemen wants to perform. Finishing first is a need that most people wants to satiate, but not when it comes to sex. Premature ejaculation is not a rare case; most men will suffer from it in their life. According to Dr. Randy Olson2, a Senior Data Scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, the average man last about six minutes in bed.


Most men have their own tips to increase the duration; from thinking about politics or sports but while they think about other things, they get distracted from their partner.

This statistic might be discouraging for both men and women but this article will be about two separated techniques; physical and psychological.

The physical parts target the sensations in your body when the psychological focus on your mind and stress relieve to increase the duration.


  1. Study the Kama Sutra

According to A.L. Harper3, a sex expert from a men’s UK magazine, there is a technique in the book for delaying the climax that gives you tips to train yourself to last longer. First of all, you start slowly with one in and out stroke every three seconds. As you get the base, add more stroke until you’re moving one stroke per second. When you feel you’re going to cum, stop yourself, hold it inside your partner until you’re feeling in control and the starts the whole process. There are 64 different positions in the Kama Sutra, and this one is one of so many to last longer in bed.


  1. Be healthier

Cut down alcohol and drugs; your health will improve and consequently help your ejaculation control. If you ae a big coffee drinker, throw it away as caffeine will increase your heart rate and make you over-excited in the bedroom which is one of the many causes the premature ejaculation. Practicing mediation and breathing techniques makes you have better control on your mind but also your body and reduce the risk of depression and stress.

Relax your body. A position to be more relaxed, is if you lay on your back and your partner is on top of you. You can easily breath deeper and find control.

Relax your mind. According to therapists, if you perform thinking you’ll ejaculate too soon, I’ll eventually happen. Be positive, have trust in yourself. If you had a lot of stress during the day, relax yourself before having sex. It will make a big difference.


  1. Use a duration spray

If you’re still having problems in bed, you might consider using a “delay spray” like Benzo Spray4 that you can buy online at 50shadeofsexxx at the cost of 39.99$. A duration spray designed to increase the duration of pleasure for both partners,

Shunga’s Male Genital Desensitizer gently and subtly numbs the most sensitive areas of the penis, effectively diminishing dramatic sensation and staving off ejaculation.


  1. Squeeze

Human Sexual Inadequacy by W.H Masters and V.E Johnson5 advice the squeeze technique that require you to learn to control sensations, just before ejaculation. It involves squeezing the end of the penis before the climax and occurs for thirty seconds, reducing the urges to ejaculate. Do it at least five times during sex until you no longer need to delay your orgasm.

Repeat this system for several months until you get full control over your orgasm threshold.


  1. Condoms

A lot of condoms company make thicker rubbers that act like the sqeeze movement and desensitizes your member. Manufacturers like Trojan and Durex offer these kind of condoms and looks for terms like “extended pleasure” and “more performance”.


  1. Foreplay

Build up your stimulation with foreplay. By slowly building your sexual arousal, you’re allowing your penis to adapt to stimulation and when it’s time for intercourse, your member is fully ready.


  1. Ask for help

If you feel you’ve tried everything, ask advice to professionals. First of all, tell your doctor about your problem and he will refer you to a urologist or a sex therapist that will guide you.

Even if it happens to you a couple of times, be honest with your partner and tell her you need to slow down. Take your time, focus on her, stimulate her orally or manually and it will show your partner that you’re sexually confident and that you’re more interested by her than your man ego. Premature ejaculation is not awkward, the absence of intimacy and sexual bond is what makes the situation weird. A Winona State University research showed that men thinks that long sex equals good sex but women don’t think that way, turn your attention towards her if you’re having difficulty and takes care of her enjoyment.

It’s not easy being a guy who can’t last in bed and a lot of them give up, but you will not, having longer sex is a great thing for both partners because it increases intimacy, communication but also build a healthier relationship.



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