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Can libido supplements really improve my sexual health?

Can libido supplements really improve my sexual health?

Supplements to improve libido have always existed: as an example, Henry VIII was known to use guava before going to bed to his queens and multiple lovers. It has been recognized for centuries now, that using certain plants or fruits can increase sexual desire and improve sexual performances.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, sexual stimulants are not only used to help erectile problems. They can also help increase desire and help maintaining good endurance.

Having a sexual dysfunction can be inconvenient and it is therefore important understand what causes the problem to find the right stimulant and bring back the sex drive. Sexual dysfunctions can be caused by several factors including fatigue, stress, lack of desire, cigarette smoking, etc. Sexual dysfunctions can also be related to problems or tensions in the couple and in which case, it is better to consult a therapist.


How do sexual stimulants work on the body?

Sexual stimulants contribute to:

– Have a firm and intense erection

– Delay ejaculation and avoid premature ejaculation


How to choose your sexual stimulant?

With the large variety of sexual stimulants that exist, one can feel can feel completely lost. Stimulants must be chosen carefully while always considering the desired effects. Therefore, before buying anything, it is important to understand your problem and the causes to it. It is also important to know whether you want to choose a pharmaceutical stimulant or a natural one like ginger and other plants or spices.

For most men, sexual stimulants are used to obtain or improve an erection or to prolong sexual intercourses. In these cases, a stimulant like Forta, which helps increase energy and libido by improving blood circulation for a stronger erection, will be what you want. Thus so, greater durability, more endurance and more fun.


The different effects sought:

There are three main categories of sexual stimulants: exciting, stimulants and retarders.


Sexual excitement:

They will awaken sexual desire, especially with aphrodisiac or gels or pills that will make erogenous zones much more sensitive to caresses.


Sexual stimulants:

Stimulants will strengthen the erection. We usually think of Viagra when it comes to stimulants, but there are many others existing then the small blue pill. They help obtaining a stronger and longer lasting erection and they increase the sensation of pleasure.


Sexual retardants

They will help prevent premature ejaculation and can also be useful to someone without any sexual dysfunction, simply desiring to increase his endurance and sexual performance.


For each three types of sexual stimulants, you can find them in the form of aphrodisiacs, found in our diet or in certain plants or spices. You will also find them in the form of creams, oils or pills made from active ingredients.


Natural aphrodisiacs

When we talk about natural aphrodisiacs, we mean everything that is made with plants, vitamins or that is part of our alimentation like oyster or dark chocolate. They have existed for centuries and are recognized for their aphrodisiac properties.


The vitamins:

Many aliments are known for their aphrodisiac properties. Vitamin E, for example, supposedly stimulates sexual desire and fight impotence. Vitamin E is found in various vegetable oils such as sunflower oils and walnut oils or in foods such as spinach, artichokes, asparagus or parsley.


Herbs and spices:

Other than vitamins, and we have known for centuries, the peculiarity of certain spices and herbs would constitute in an asset for kinky nights. Spices like cloves, coriander, ginger, nutmeg, saffron, thyme or cayenne pepper would do the trick just right for your wild nights.


Small pleasures:

One of the most known natural aphrodisiac of them all: dark chocolate. It is both stimulating and exciting, dark chocolate is known to have a positive effect on the libido. Finally, champagne is also particularly renowned for its aphrodisiac virtues and we all know alcohol’s disinhibiting effects.


1. The excitants

As we said before, stimulants will stimulate genitals and increase sexual desire to a new level. Some excitants can provide an orgasm from the first caresses and build that orgasm throughout the intercourse.



The bois bandé

Le Richeria grandis is a plant used by Amazonia natives as an aphrodisiac to treat impotence and sexual stimulant as a nervous tonic. For many populations of Africa and the West Indies, the bois bandé has a sacred character. This sexual stimulant, is to be consumed approximately two hours before a sexual activity, in an alcoholic drink or not. The bois bandé will cause powerful erections and a build-up of intense sexual desire.



Ginseng is without a doubt the most famous aphrodisiac, and the most requested on the planet! There are several kinds of ginseng, of various quality depending on the provenance, but the best is undoubtedly korean ginseng. Wild ginseng (Panax Ginseng) known in China as Ren Shen with particularly stimulating properties and Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus) can also be found.

Ginseng acts on the cortical-adrenal glands that stimulate the sexual organs. The effects are immediate: increase of physical and intellectual performances, better adaptation of the body to the effort by decreasing the feeling of fatigue and the muscular pains, improvement of the process of memorization and reflexes. It stimulates and relaxes the cortex, which causes a general sense of well-being.


In pill form:

There are plenty of pills with natural components inside such as ero prorino potency. They are in the form of dietary supplements and help achieving better sexual relationships, offer better erections and help boost libido and blood circulation.


In the form of cream:

Exciting in the form of cream should be applied on the erogenous zones: they will procure a feeling of extreme pleasure to the touch. There are many creams on the market but we have a preference for “mood pleasure for him” which offer several types of exciting creams according to the mood of the gentleman.


2. The stimulant

Stimulants will help with erection. The best-known stimulant is viagra however, there are a multitude and you will find it for all tastes. In addition to providing a harder and longer erection, the stimulants will also offer stronger and more intense ejaculation.



The damania

The damiana is a stimulating plant that will naturally stimulate your libido. The damiana is known for its stimulation of the intimate organs and its beneficial effects on many sexual dysfunctions. Moreover, this plant doesn’t have any harmful effect on the body and so becomes  an asset for the maintenance of the harmony in the couple.


The muira puama:

Also called power wood, muira puama is considered the viagra of the Amazon. This small tree of 4 to 5 meters that you can find in the form of tablets and an alternative to viagra. It will help to get and maintain an erection.


In pill form:

Other than the viagra we all know very well, there are other alternatives to it and which are far superior in every point since they will act under different aspects of the libido. As Forta products for men that will improve energy and libido, as well as blood circulation for a stronger erection and durable.


In the form of creams:

Again, for those who prefer to use creams rather than pills or other products to ingest, you can just as well use erectile creams. Like the erectile cream: dragon intensifying cream that helps with the first application with its exclusive blend of plants and 100% natural extracts, to bring out all the force and energy of male orgasm. It allows the contacts to intensify the sensitivity of your partner to transport it more easily to intense and multiple orgasms.


3. The retarders

Sexual retarders are a solution to help premature ejaculators control their ejaculations by delaying the ejaculation so you can master your sexual intercourse, to get better enjoyment in bed and good sexual performance.



To delay premature ejaculation in a natural we advocate a few simple methods like having longer preliminaries, withdraw a moment when one feels the ejaculation coming, change position or simply relax.


However, if it still does not work and you want to use the most natural solutions possible. There are plants to help you delay ejaculation.



Drinking tea cloves a few hours before the act helps delaying ejaculation. Clove helps improving blood circulation in the genitals. Drink one cup or two of tea made from cloves every day until symptoms improve. You can also make use of it in encapsulated form and applying clove oil on the penis to help.


In pill form:

There are few pills against premature ejaculation. However, you can get the maxi control capsules that are going to be  in the form of dietary compliments and will decrease stress during sexual intercourse and curb the anxiety of the breakdown.


In the form of cream:

Delaying creams are present on stimulant markets. To be applied to the penis. In the same style as the creams you can find sprays and wipes. You can also discover accessories such as delaying rings. If you choose to use sprays, you can get the maxi control pack where you will also find gels and wipes.

However, these delaying gels have side effects on sexuality. These gels desensitize the penis and anesthetize the woman’s vagina, which can eventually cause a loss of sensation during sexual intercourse.



Now that you have been able to discover everything about male sexual stimulants you can choose the one that suits you best. Talk to a professionnal if you’re not sure if a product is made for you. If your problem persists it is important to consult a doctor to understand the source of the problem. We are of course at your disposal for any questions and do not hesitate to comment!


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